Valentine Cupcake Tutorial

Valentine Cupcake Tutorial





You will need an icing sheet. This is optional – very optional if you ask me – this one tasted like chalk :-S I ended up cutting some hearts out as decoration and that was it! You will also need pink or white cupcake cases some pretty wrappers and or muffin wrappers.




OK – so here is some equipment you might need knives, heart shaped cutters in four sizes (fit one inside the other to make the two tone hearts) lettering of your choice – here I have used Tappits, I can hear you swearing from here, but this is optional – clikstix are sometimes easier use what works for you!

You will also need a paintbrush, a plain edged round cutter Рjust larger than your cupcake, some cocktail sticks, sugar pearls and colours of your choice I have used Sugarflair yellow, ice blue and dusky pink. You might also like to use Snowflake lustre on your roses and on the lips.(the icing ones not yours!!!) 


Make yourself some sugar glue with a little Sugarcel and cooled boiled water – it may look a little ‘unmixed’ but the white powder disappears after a while. You can store this in the fridge in a sealed container for a week. To give the hearts and lettering strength I used flower paste and for covering the cakes I used ordinary Tesco fondant – why is it I hear Buddy Valestro’s American accent every time I say that word!

I also used a fancy cornflour dusting bag – this is very optional but I find it helps with the lettering etc. Don’t ever roll out icing to cover a cake using cornflour apparently its a bad thing and can react with jam etc and ferment! I would like to see a cupcake that lasted long enough to ferment but don’t risk it! Plus cornflour tastes yak – no sugar! ūüôā


Its a cupcake!


So here is your naked cupcake with a lovely dollop of beautiful buttery buttercream on top. I actually used an ice cream scoop thinking I was being clever – hmm too much icing! It squidged everywhere – but if you half fill it you still get a nice dome shape to work with or if confident just do it by hand!


Keeping the height of the dome smooth the sides down but not completely to the edge of the cupcake. It is easier said than done – but do not worry – ‘I am not eating that cupcake because there is buttercream showing’ said no-one ever. Practice makes perfect! I don’t make that many cupcakes really so you are probably better than I am!

Colour some fondant ice blue – enough to cut out 4 rounds if you are making twelve cakes of three different designs


Here you can see the domed cupcake on the right and a decorated one on the left. Be careful not to squish the dome but gently smooth the fondant with the palm of your hand until it looks evenly covered. Dont worry if you mess this up – you can scrape it all off and try again if you¬†don’t¬†get it right.



Now for the dreaded Tappits! A tiny smear of white fat (Trex) across the letter helps to prevent sticking and helps them to part with the sugar paste more easily. I could have spelled some very rude words yesterday with the amount that pinged onto the floor and ended up in the bin! 


I use flower paste when I make lettering, ordinary fondant will stick like glue – flower paste is drier to start with(Squires Kitchen) and easier to handle. Cut a strip of thinly rolled paste just wide enough for the letter to sit on – I tend to use tiny spacers to ensure even thickness. Press the letter into the paste – not the way up on the photo but with the paste on the board and the lettering on top, applying pressure move the paste and the lettering bar across the work surface a couple of times then flip it over as shown and ensure the paste is cut through by running your finger across the back of it.

Remove excess paste and you then need to tap the letter bar firmly on your work surface – I find ‘pinging’ it against the edge helps and hopefully your¬†beautifully¬†greased Tappit will release your letter with ease ūüôā Yeah – it takes practice – its not for everyone and I only use these letters when I have lots of time but they do look nice.!


Here you can see the word KISS Рcut two of these and two of LOVE. 


I chose colours that complimented the icing sheet fully intending to cover some of the cakes with the sheet until I tasted it :-O but the colours were pretty anyway so that is what you use to make the hearts.


Using the heart shaped cutters make several hearts using the smaller cutter inside the larger to make the ‘outline’ hearts do this in all three colours.


Mix the colours by inserting pink into, blue blue into yellow etc. Cut a few smaller hears too. Leave these and the lettering to dry on a foam sheet for a few hours or overnight if possible.


Make a couple of pairs of lips out of pale pink fondant Рon the right is the basic shape Рinsert a paintbrush end into the centre and open up the centre with the back of a knife. Mark creases in the lips with back of knife and adjust the lip shape. When happy with the shape mix a little Snowflake lustre with a touch of dusky pink paste colour either with boiled water or clear alcohol. Paint the lips and leave to dry.


Here I have cut out some of the hearts from the icing sheet to decorate the ‘LOVE’ cake.


To make the stripy topped cakes roll out some white fondant thinly and colour more fondant pink yellow and blue. (I used the scraps from the blue topped cakes for the blue stripes) Run a paint brush with a little sugar glue down the white fondant to about half way or just over and lay the strips neatly next to each other. Cut with the round cutter and place gently on the domed buttercream smoothing it as before.



Decorate with your pretty previously dried hearts. Too much buttercream – oops!


Now I have to confess – roses ARE NOT my strong point – along with lettering and several other things! So this little cutter is quite handy for making simple but reasonably effective roses. Roll four cones from dusky pink flower paste and cut your first set of petals (keep spare paste in a plastic bag or it will dry out) If you can leave the cones to harden prior to use for a while all the better – I forgot!


This handy little tool is a frilling tool great for veining and thinning and frilling your petals. Run it along the edges of the petals –¬†I¬†use a foam pad underneath whilst doing this!


The opposite end of the tool makes great eyebrow and smile shapes too! lol!


Turn your frilled petals over and pop a spot of sugar glue in the centre and down the middle of the first petal. Stand one of the cones in the middle.


Ideally your petal should wrap all the way around the cone – this is not a good example – told you roses are not my strong point!

Now turn the flower – MISSING OUT THE NEXT PETAL –¬†glue as before and wrap the next petal around the cone as before. Keep the petals as tight to the base of the cone as you can.


Turn the flower MISS A PETAL and glue and wrap the next one.


When you are down to your last petal TURN THE FLOWER BACK and wrap the last petal around.

Trying to explain this in a step by step guide like this is not the best. A good thing to do is pop five petal rose cutter into You Tube Рthere is a tutorial by Lorraine McKay which shows this so well.

Because this is only for a small cupcake decoration I am only using two layers of petals but if you LOVE making roses you could consider making a larger one perhaps with¬†individual petals that fills the whole top of the cake ūüôā Roses = boredom for me ¬†:0)



Add a second layer of petals but this time use a little less glue and curl back the petal edges slightly

Finished AT LAST!


Repeat for all four roses – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry did you say something?


Add a touch of sparkle with some snowflake lustre 


Shape some leaves either by hand or with an oval cutter then mark with the back of a knife to vein.

Tah Dah!


Pipe an extravagant swirl of buttercream and sit two leaves and a rose on top! 


Finish with sugar pearls

Valentine Cupcake Tutorial

Wrap in your prettiest wrappers ! And there we have it – vary the colours – pastels for wedding or engagement perhaps! Have fun!